PowerClamp III

Even easier! Even more robust! Even stronger!

The new PowerClamp generation sets new standards in lifting technology.

Wooden buildings have recently taken on truly gigantic dimensions. However, as structures become larger and larger, the load of the parts to be processed also increases. And thus also the demands on the lifting equipment.

Pitzl sets new standards here too. The proven lifting clamp has been convincing for years with its simple and time-saving application. This has now been further optimised. And with great success! With the PowerClamp III D40/90, previously unattained load capacities of up to 1500 kg per clamp can be achieved.

In order to lift and mount wooden components with a thickness of 80 mm without visible drill holes, a special adapter ring was developed for the new PowerClamp III, which reduces the required drilling depth. This means that only 73 mm drilling is required.

We also demonstrate a look into the future with the integrated RFID transponder, which allows digital recording of the lifting clamp without any effort. Using a standard reader, customers can easily and efficiently record their lifting equipment, thus simplifying administration and testing even further.

Available in the following versions: